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Hand Dryers

The best hand dryers from the Engineering Equipment Company are high quality European manufacturers and the largest brand  “LOSDI

Cleaning Machines

The best cleaning machines from the engineering company for equipment, car washing, floor cleaning and disc cleaning

صناديق قمامة

Rubbish Bins

Rubbish bins of different sizes and shapes for companies, hotels, restaurants and villas as well

Soap Dispenser

Bath soaps are one of the best types of soaps in terms of materials and shape, suitable for bathrooms and kitchens

ادوات النظافة

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools and equipment from the Engineering Equipment and Cleaning Company, the best cleaning tools for floors and windows

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum Cleaner Machine

Industrial brooms, cleaning and suction of water and soil of various shapes, German industry

Paper Dispenser

Bathroom papers are the best selection of papers of different shapes, types and sizes for use in bathrooms or kitchens

Bath Accessories

The best collection of bathroom accessories to suit all tastes and general uses of hotel and restaurant fittings

shoe shine machines

Shoe polishing machines for hotels and public places


The best group of cleaning trolleys. Laundry trolleys. Trolling service trollies. Interior supervision trollies

Dust Bins

A large assortment of garbage bins and extinguishers of various shapes and types to suit all tastes and places

Recycling bins

Recycling Bins

Various assortment of garbage recycling bins for glass, metal, paper and food

We provide you with all the supplies

We provide you with all corporate supplies, hospital supplies, hotel supplies, and restaurant supplies. The Engineering Equipment Company provides the best supplies for public places and private places equipment.

Multiple products

European industry

10-Year warranty

Hotel supplies

We provide hotel supplies such as bushings, leaves, dryers, cleaning machines, hygiene tools, hygiene trimmings, internal supervision trimmings, and washbasin trimmers.

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Company equipment

Providing companies and institutions with all the supplies and hygiene equipment that each company needs. A large assortment of soaps, papers, hand dryers, baskets and hygiene trolls.

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Factory fittings, from cleaning equipment and cleaning machines, we provide you with many different products that each factory needs in cleaning facilities, bathroom accessories, dryers, papers, and street sweepers

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